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Imagine never creating a funnel from scratch ever again!

You know that creating sales funnels that look professional, generate leads and sell your products take time.

It’s often difficult to find a designer that understands what you want... and if you do find one they’re often busy... or worse charge you an arm and a leg to simply design your funnel.

If ONLY there was a way you could avoid all of that hassle! Having at your fingertips a wide range of professional & proven designs created by experts.

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you...

We compiled a team of professionals to put together over 150+ professionally designed, optimized to sell sales funnels.

Now whenever you want to design a funnel it’s effortless! Simply select the funnel that best suits your offer, customized it and publish it!

Create brand new high converting sales funnels in hours not weeks!

Unlimited access to 100s of sales funnels, graphics, images and upgrade features.

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Done-For-You Funnels


Done-For-You Sections


Funnel Enhancing Assets


New Funnels Every Month

Get 10 New Designed Web Page Templates
Added In To Your Account Right Away

Plus Another 25 PRO Designed Webpages
Delivered Into Your Account EVERY Month!

10 + 25

You’re also getting...

Premium Section Library

Unlock an incredible section library. Speed up development time. Simply click on the ‘section’ icon. Search for the section of your chioce. Add it to your page and customize. This is a big time saver that’s going to enhance the design of your funnels.

Enhanced Media Library

Unlock a wide range of additional assets including backgrounds, fonts, animations, icons and more. Unlock iGloo’s premium library of assets.

Hosting For Your Pages

You’re going to unlock unlimited hosting accross all of your iGloo Funnel Pages & Memberships. Instantly publish funnels, landing pages or courses. Share links immediately without having to connect a domain.

20+ Additional Form Designs

Now choose from over 20 done-for-you forms. From within your funnel settings. Select the template icon. Then choose from a wide range of unique designs for you and your clients.

Full media hosting & storage up to 100GB

You can host your images, audio files and media with us as part of this all access package.

You’re getting unrestricted access
to our premium Funnel Design Vault!

Template Library

150+ Templates & Counting

All Assets

1000+ funnel enhancment assets

Section Library

Over 40+ Sections


20+ Done For You Forms

Funnel Hosting

Unlimited Hosting

Then every month you’ll receive new
Done-For-You Funnels!

This would usually cost your $30k+

To put this offer into perspective. Just one of these funnels would usually set you back $1000 minimum. In fact it costs us $450 for one designed page within a funnel. We’ve already invested over $30,000 into the funnels, icons and additional features contained within this package.

In future we will be adding a funnels marketplace into iGloo App and each one of these funnels will sell for between $50 - $250.

But until we roll out the marketplace you can get access to every funnel, every graphic, every icon and a range of premium features as part of this limited ‘All Access’ pass.

That’s over $30,000 of REAL value.

For as little as $47 a month.

And as long as you’re a member you’ll pay$47 per month. Thats it!

Activate your all access pass now for $1

Then ($97/mo) $47 for each month after. Cancel anytime!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many templates are included?

Yes! You can get lifetime access to iGloo App today for a single one time purchase of just $197 $67.

Will the price always be $47/mo?

You receive 50 free sales funnel templates when you purchase this founder special today. These 50 templates are instantly available within your account immediately after purchase. They include a wide range of different niches and different funnel styles.

What new templates will I get each month?

Yes! You can absolutely use iGloo App to create and manage pages for your clients. You can sell funnels or pages to businesses making between $500 and $1500 per 
client. You won’t have to pay any extra because when you get access to iGloo App commercial. You get full commercial rights.

Is there any contract or fee for signing up?

Yes! Unlike other funnel builders. We don’t force you to host your files with us. 
You can download your pages freely as html then upload them to your own server or clients webhost.

What assets and how many assets do I get?

If for whatever reason you use iGloo and then decide that it’s not for you
within 30 days then simply give us a email to support and we’ll issue you a refund. This offer comes with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

Can I sell these templates and assets to businesses?

Yes! iGloo comes with a full and extensive training program that shows you
exactly how to use it to build high quality, professional sales funnels and membership sites.

Is there any kind of refund guarantee?

No! The cost of iGloo App is a one-time $197 $67. There is one optional upgrade 
called ‘All Access Pass’ that provides you with additional templates, graphics
and features that is a monthly cost. That is an optional upgrade. This package today which you’re purchasing is a one time fee for lifetime access.

If I decide to cancel how can I do it?

We have a very talented and committed support team that is available to help you 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback or comments. You can get in touch with our support team at https://support.skola.com or [email protected]

How much is your time worth to you?

iGloo makes creation effortless. However — wouldn’t it be great if you could think of an idea, then within seconds have a fully created ready to rebrand template at your fingertips?

How much time and money would you save?

When you purchase ‘All access’ today you’resaving hours of time, unlocking a wide range of professionally created templates and saving money (which you might have had to spend on a professional designer).

You’re unlocking an impressive suite that gives you everything you need to support both your business and your clients.

Done-For-You funnels created in just minutes …

… done-for-you hosting so you can deploy your pages instantly onto the web without anything other than iGloo App.

Enhance your iGloo account today and expand your possibilities!

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Then ($97/mo) $47 for each month after. Cancel anytime!

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